Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sample Hibernate and Jbpm application.

There have been a few requests in the jBPM forum about how to integrate jBPM4 with an application's domain. So this is a first pass at whipping up a sample project that does exactly that.

I will be refining this once I get some more time, but I thought I would put as much of it out there as I have working, maybe it will help someone right away.

This is a Maven2, Hibernate3.2.6.ga based project. We will be working with jBPM v4.0. This is the GA release that came out under a couple of weeks ago.

The goal is to have a running web application that uses jBPM4 in the embedded form. This would be a typical way in which jBPM4 would be used. This will help guide people to work with a simple hibernate based jBPM web application that beginners can build upon to build their own web application.

This post will be updated in the next couple of days, w.r.t instructions.

But just wanted to put the code out there. So that one can get going,

We will also be working with integrating with something like Google Guice, down the line. This is something I wanted to play with myself.

The code is hosted at Google Code.
You can check it out as follows:

svn checkout http://jbpm-hibernate-demo.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ jbpm-hibernate-demo-read-only

The important files are
1.) jbpm_demo.jbpm.cfg.xml
2.) jbpm_demo.hibernate.cfg.xml

They have the configuration required to boot up hibernate and setup the jbpm engine.