Saturday, February 17, 2007

Enso - Get Humanized

Enso: Something I just took a look at recently.

When will Operating Systems become more than simply an interface between the hardware and the Applications that run on the machine and really an interface between the user and the applications? There are these bunch of macros; I use the term loosely for lack of another appropriate term at my disposal; that really are cross applications. .

It is frustrating at times as to why this is not the case. I have to install 3-4 programs to really get to use my OS and the gazillion other addons to their fullest, a more convenient application launcher, a more convenient search, and each of these needs to be something that is quickly accessible right at the touch of a couple of keystrokes.

This particular pseudo rant is triggered off by taking a look at Enso, WHY is something like this not part of my explorer shell for example? WHY? is it that big a deal, NO! Part of the problem is that this is savvy and power user stuff. But I look around myself and more and more people are getting there. People are realizing the power of commandline stuff, writing scripts, avoiding having to do repetitive stuff simple yet stupidly repetitive,..

At work too, I got a friend of mine hooked onto using the GNU tools for Windows and a few of the other timesavers, but all said and done they still meet very very specific needs, we definitely need more generic ones that meet our requirements, across applications and are more extensible. They are a little more cumbersome to use, and the functionality that they offer; sometimes I need from within a text editor itself. Some of what Enso does is something that is replicated across multiple applications, why this should not be part of the OS shell(Explorer style) I do not understand.

If you are developing software, as I do, Neal Ford's Productive Programmer is a good read if you find yourself doing the same thing over and over and if you want to gain an extra 20 minutes(at the very least) a day. I attended his presentation on the same, and as keyboard happy I thought I was I did pick up a few tricks. Thanks Neal.

Enso's a great start, and I do think that in part it does seem to be a one thing fits all solutions, but it still is a different app! I need it to be part of my OS/shell, better integrated with the internals.